Jeeves™ Demand Charge Optimizer

Utilities charge $10 - $35 per KW than the customary 8-12 Cents/per KW, when your industrial equipment exceeds a specific threshold limit. This can be Time of Day, Seasonal, or Threshold of Power used – and sometimes a combination of these events. By having 2ndLife Batteries energy storage system to take over at these times- it can save thousands per year!

Jeeves™ Demand Charge Optimizer uses raw data from your site collected based on time study of AC circuits by a third-party power meter. This could be a week, or a month of operational data. It can be measured every minute, or 15 minute or whatever you decide.

The data is upload as a CSV file. The rate per Demand Charge per KW is entered. Jeeves is a optimizer, not just a straight calculations. It finds the best outcome for the demand charge events it reads by calculating best possible outcome.

You think that 100% coverage of the demand charge is optimal. But you could be wrong. From experience we found at one site, that the 50% of the demand charge would be the best cases as shown below. The ROI kept extending because of ever diminishing returns when we included a larger system.

Jeeves optimum best case prevent us from making a mistake – and it can for you.

Figure 1 – Jeeves™ Demand Charge Optimizer - Showing results for NY Location

It takes in account the cost of the Lithium-Ion system. It also produces the specifications of the Lithium-ion system such size in KWH, Depth of Charge, C-rates (dis/charge), and average Discharge and Recharge rates.

Jeeves serves as a base line for a proposed system. Furthermore, it takes the guess work of how big a system needs to be – and we learned by experience.

We offer this as a service to Demand Charge professionals.

Let Jeeves be your guide to optimize your Demand Charge project!

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